Floating in Saint-Petersburg

Floating is a wonderful way to soothe and heal the body and soul from the constant stress of life’s daily pressure. You can leave the noise and confusion behind, and perhaps, for the first time in your life, experience total relaxation and deep healing in the privat, peaceful space.

A quick summary on «floating».

The flotation session takes place in a «flotation tank», also known as a «sensory deprivation chamber». The reason that sometimes it’s called that, because it is entirely light-proof (completely dark) and sound-proof. Also it contains sterile water around body temperature (filtered after every usage). In the water there are medical-grade Epsome sault. Thus, the body is on the surface of water. And you simply put in ear plugs, slowly enter the tank, lie on your back and relax. You will feel entirely weightless and free.

A flotation session lasts an hour and 40 minutes. An hour you are relaxing in the flotation tank and 40 minutes for a shower before and after session. Also everything you need is included: slippers, earplugs, towels and toiletries. And after floating you can enjoy a cup of tea with sweets.

Our flotation studios have a convenient location: at metro station Nevsky Prospect, Italyanskaya Street 5, Building 2 and metro station Primorskaya, Kapitanskaya Street 4.

In studio on Italyanskaya Street 5, Building 2, there is the largest flotation tank in Russia. The tank dome is moon shaped and the studio itself is decorated in space style. Our guests feel like they are on a spaceship approaching the Moon. After the procedure one can relax having a cup of tea and admiring the space view of the Earth, nebulosities and stars.

In the studio on Kapitanskaya Street 4 the flotation tank looks like a real grotto. You will enter the world of relaxation without having to leave the city. After the procedure one can enjoy a cup of tea and admire a sea view and birds hovering beneath the clouds.

The cost per session: for one person — 2100 rubles, for two persons — 4000 rubles.

Floating is a simple, effective way to invest in your own health and happiness.

Looking forward to see you in our flotation studios «Aqua-Paradise».